A Day in the Life


Each day in the Comox Valley…
  • 2 babies will be born
  • 80 people will come to Emergency

  • 311 will receive Diagnostic exams (CT, Ultrasound, Nuclear Medicine)
  • 27 surgeries will be performed (or 39 per week day)
  • 2,164 Lab tests will be performed
  • 32 people will see Rehab staff (Physio/Occupational Therapy)
  • 18 people will receive services at the Cancer Care Centre
  • 2 for Diabetic Counseling
  • 25 for Medical Day Care
  • 150 people will receive In-patient Care
  • 434 will experience Residential Care. Comox Valley Seniors Village (121 beds), Cumberland Lodge (66 beds), Glacier View Lodge (102 beds), and St. Joseph’s (145 beds).
  • 3,968 people waiting for surgery. 390 are hips and knees, 1,000 are cataracts and 1,268 waiting for endoscopy.

  • 10% of our 700 Volunteers will come and provide service.

The extraordinary level of care that our Hospitals provide touches all our lives at some point. It is by making a donation to the Foundation that you will be helping to ensure the highest quality of health care is available for your family, friends and neighbours in the Comox Valley and the surrounding areas.