Our History

Since 1993 CVHF (formerly St. Joseph’s) and its donors have been able to enhance quality health care in our community.

The generosity of donors enabled us to provide funding to St. Joseph’s General Hospital (now The Views at St. Joseph’s) to ensure we had the most advanced medical technology and that capital project upgrades are available to help meet the need of our growing community. An example of our community’s generosity was the Cancer Care Unit at St. Joseph’s, that was built in 2007 and expanded in 2015 and was 100% funded by donations.

Your donations also help purchase urgently needed medical equipment for the Comox Valley Hospital for newborn to end-of-life patients – from ventilators and vital sign monitors to critical care equipment for maternal child care and pressure relief mattresses for palliative patients. All these are to enhance patient care that supports a population of over 95,000.

Since 2000 the Foundation has raised more than $13 million in equipment, renovations and patient comfort items. Donations from the public are funneled into much-needed medical equipment, technology and capital projects in order to ensure we meet the health care needs of community.

In 2017, all acute care services (including new acute care equipment) moved from St. Joseph’s to the new Island Health Comox Valley Hospital, while St. Joseph’s will continue to provide excellence in residential care, hospice care and seniors’ health. The focus of Island Health and the Views at St. Joseph’s is to maintain the quality of care and delivery of services now and always.