Comox Valley Hospital

In 2017 a brand new state-of-the-art hospital opened in the Comox Valley. But just because we have an award-winning new facility and can be thankful for the innovative systems in place, does not mean that the work to improve healthcare in the Comox Valley has ended.

The Surgical Unit at the Comox Valley Hospital, is planning to significantly increase the number of hip and knee surgeries performed this year. With funding from the provincial government, one of the strategies is to open a 4th operating room and help reduce wait times by up to 70%! However, opening a new OR means additional equipment and that means raising funds to cover equipment costs beyond the scope of government funding.

“We are very excited about this opportunity to augment our total joint arthroplasty services at Comox Valley Hospital. We have always had an extraordinary team—from support staff to nursing, physiotherapy, and home support services—that has allowed us to provide enviable peri-operative and operative care. But the challenge has been resources to provide access to timely care.

This total joint initiative will significantly improve our capacity to continue to provide the high level of care our patients deserve, with the goal of decreasing wait times for initial consultation, providing patients with early education on conservative management options for arthritis, and earlier access to operative solutions to significantly improve the quality of their lives.”