Left to Right: Dr. Michael Atherstone (Chief of Anesthesiology), Dr. Tom Woods (Orthopedic Surgeon) and Dr. Alex Blais (Anesthesiologist)

Graft and ACL Repair Equipment

Where: Comox Valley Hospital
Need: Anterior Cruciate Ligament repair for knees

Glide Scope with Advanced Video Laryngoscopy

Where: Comox Valley Hospital

MTP Fusion

Where: Comox Valley Hospital
Description: Equipment to fuse bones together

MRI Compatible Wheelchair

Where: Comox Valley Hospital

Exerciser Knee Patient Kits

Where: Comox Valley Hospital
Need: Supports the increase in patients

Upright Recumbent Bike with Dumbbell Rack
$10,718 PURCHASED!

Where: Comox Valley Hospital

Specialty Step Machine

Where: Comox Valley Hospital
Need: Helps build strength in muscles needed to do stairs.

Neurological & Strengthening Equipment

Where: Comox Valley Hospital
Need: This is for Patients in Acute Care Rooms.

Additional Wheel Chairs and Cushions

Where: Comox Valley Hospital

Rehabilitation Equipment

Where: Comox Valley Hospital
Need: Many pieces of rehabilitation and physiotherapy equipment are needed for Rehabilitation Services at the new Comox Valley Hospital. Rehab Services helps patients reach the highest level of function by improving mobility and increasing independence. Funding both innovative and standard equipment will increase the quality of life for many local residents who are recovering from surgery, trauma and other debilitating circumstances.

Less than $100,000

Where: Comox Valley Hospital
Need: Many pieces of equipment and technology are still needed for the Maternity Unit at the new hospital including: Fetal Link Carts, Fetal Monitors, Low-Acuity Incubators, cribs, bassinets and more. Our Foundation will continue to fundraise for this vital equipment that helps roughly 600 babies be born each year in our community.

31 Specialty Beds & Mattresses
$68,000 PURCHASED!

Where: The Views (Residential Care), St. Joseph’s Hospital
Need: To replace 31 beds and mattresses with specialty equipment for residents that include safety rails, can adjust to an upright position, can be lowered to the ground to reduce falls and can enhance comfort and therapeutic care while preventing and treating pressure bed sores. These beds and mattresses will remain with The Views after its redevelopment on the St. Joseph’s site beginning in 2017.

Two Infant Incubators

Where: Labour & Delivery, Comox Valley Hospital
Need: To purchase two infant incubators for the new hospital

Two Fetal Monitors
$24,000 PURCHASED!

Where: Labour & Delivery, Comox Valley Hospital
Need: To purchase two fetal monitors for the new hospital

Stress Test Machine

Where: Cardio/Pulmonary Unit
Need: Decreased wait times for treatment/Highly accurate readings/Faster and more efficient patient testing.

12 Sets of Blinds

Where: Transitional Care Unit (TCU)
Need: Improved overall infection control and home-like environment

22 Overbed and Bedside Tables for TCU

Where: Transitional Care Unit, St. Joseph’s Hospital
Need: New furnishings are needed to replace current tables in the TCU that do not meet infection control standards. These new overbed and bedside tables will be remain on St. Joseph’s site after the new hospital opens and will then be used in the new Views after its redevelopment.