Donations at Work

Genevieve LaTrace (RN) and Dr. Houlgrave are grateful for the new Portable Ultrasound in the Emergency Department, which was purchased with donor dollars in early 2016 (McKinnon Photography).

How Your Giving… Changes Everything

Funds raised for our Foundation are received through grants, service clubs, 3rd party events and from generous members of our community. In the last five years over two million dollars was transferred from our Foundation to The Comox Valley Hospital, The Views at St. Joseph’s and other community healthcare initiatives.

Physical space upgrades, building expansions, innovative programs and new medical technology are just a few ways your donations help improve healthcare in the Comox Valley.

Below is a list of some of the medical technology, equipment, building upgrades, patient comfort items and services you helped provide to the Comox Valley since 2009.

Equipment or Services
Staff Education Funding – Hospital Wide (2016) $125,000
3 Specialty Beds and Mattresses – The Views/Residential Care (2016) $6,600
2 Pulse Oximeters – Cardio Pulmonary Services (2016) $10,000
2 Pulse Oximeters – Cardio Pulmonary Services (2016) $10,000
Portable Ultrasound Machine – Emergency Department (2016) $49,528
Stress Test Machine – Cardio Pulmonary Services (2016) $40,000
Affinity Birthing Bed – Maternal Child Department (2016) $25,000
4 Specialty Beds and Mattresses – Transitional Care Unit (2015) $14,000
Physical Space Upgrades – The Views/Residential Care (Christmas 2015) $110,000
Patient Transfer Boards – 3rd Floor (2015) $1,800
Staff Education/Bursaries (Oct. 2015) $11,851
Expansion of Cancer Care Unit (2015) $130,000
Building of Hospice at the Views (2015) $280,000
Staff Training (2015) $20,000
Pulmonary Function Testing System (2014) $78,000
3 Pulse Oximeters (2014) $4,500
5 Holter Monitors for Outpatient Care Cardio Lab (2014) $20,000
2 Patient Treatment Chairsfor Cancer Care Unit (2014) $4,000
Ophthalmic Equipment (Wall Mounted) $1,600
Temporal Thermometer $860
Vital Signs Monitor (Wall Mounted) $4,100
4 Double Infusion Pump (IV Pump) for Cancer Care Unit $20,000
Outdoor Patio Furnishings for Cancer Care Unit $550
Supply Cart for Cancer Care Unit $2,500
Scale (Digital) for Cancer Care Unit $1,800
Nursing Cart for Cancer Care Unit $2,100
Refrigerator for Cancer Care Unit $2,000
Green Light Laser $195,000
Birthing Bed for Maternal Child Care $18,000
Slings and Accessories for the Views $45,000
23 Portable Vital Signs Monitors – all departments $92,400
Maternal/Child Care Smart Scale $7,431
Monitor for Endoscopy Procedures $12,219
Stryker Sleeper chair – The Views $1,720
2 Hovermatts- specialized lifting system for 2nd & 3rd Floor $10,438
TV and VCR – Cardiac care education $1,110
Baby Talk Program – Maternal/Child to support new families $1,500
Scanning Forms – Emergency $4,778
Palliative Care project – Architect fees & electrical $44,479
Neonatal Resuscitation Baby for Education $1,607
Watchmate Security System – Maternal/Child $16,750
Fetal Monitor- Maternal/Child $20,409
Wheelchairs – Rehab Services $1,500
Education for Staff Scholarships $19,992
Ventilator for ICU $22,770
Legacy of Life Wall – The Views $12,189
Haiti Support – Medical Supplies $1,000
Palliative Care Project (Will commence TBA) $340,000
Birthing Bed for Maternal Child Care
Slings and accessories for the Views
4 Computerized Ambulatory Drug Delivery Pumps
Equipment to support the new Cystoscopy Clinic
Annie Resuscitation Training Doll
Portable Ultrasound for Diagnostic Imaging
The Creation of a Healing Garden
Arctic Sun temperature management system for Intensive Care
Treatment chair for Cancer Care
Reclining chair for Palliative Care
Three new sleepover chairs for Maternal Child Department
Medfusion Pumps for Intensive Care and Emergency
Staff education