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St. Joseph’s Hospital Foundation is now Comox Valley Healthcare Foundation.

Comox Valley Healthcare Foundation (CVHF) is a registered charity with a mission to enhance and sustain quality healthcare in the Comox Valley. Through generous donations, CVHF is able to fund vital medical technology, physical space upgrades, capital projects, patient comfort items and staff education.

With the opening of the new Island Health Comox Valley Hospital in the fall of 2017 and St. Joseph’s future role in Residential and Hospice Care, St. Joseph’s Hospital Foundation wanted to change its name to one that reflects its growth to provide funding support for both St. Joseph’s and the new Comox Valley Hospital.

Please join Comox Valley Healthcare Foundation as it continues on this journey under a new name, but on the same path it has always travelled – to help improve Comox Valley healthcare for all of us, from first breath to end of life.


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Our Partners, Our Path

Jane Murphy, President & CEO, St. Joseph’s General Hospital

“St. Joseph’s General Hospital is so very thankful for the significant funding support provided over the many years by our community through your generous donations to the Foundation. This support will play a vital role at St. Joseph’s continues to provide acute care services through the opening of the new hospital in the fall of 2017 and in supporting St. Joseph’s as it transitions to its future role.

We will continue to work closely with the Foundation and with our many healthcare partners to create new and innovative ways to be service to the community. St. Joseph’s is excited to be continuing its mission in Residential and Hospice Care. We also have a greater vision of developing a hub of excellence and innovation in care for seniors, hospice and other specialized populations. Our dream is to establish an integrated campus of Residential and Hospice Care, housing and outreach programs. In this way, the tradition and mission of providing care with compassion begun by the Sisters 103 years ago will continue. The first phase of this plan will be a new residential care building on site to replace The Views. This purpose-built facility will meet all current standards and designs that support residents with dementia. Phase one will also include how the vacated acute care space may be used to best support the needs of the community.

It has been inspiring to see the Foundation grow with the help of so many generous donors in our community, and for this we thank you.”

Dr. Brendan Carr, President & CEO, Island Health

“Island Health is very thankful to the Foundation for its tireless efforts to support quality health care in the Comox Valley. Since 2009, the Foundation has raised more than $6-million to purchase medical technology, improve patient care areas, provide patient care items, fund capital projects and support staff education. These funds have directly benefited Comox Valley patients through improved cardiac care, new hospice beds, expansion of the Cancer Care Unit and so much more.

We are counting on the Foundation and its generous donors as we move closer to opening our new state-of-the-art hospital in the Comox Valley in late 2017. You will be pleased to know the new hospital remains on schedule and on budget.

The Foundation and its donors will help us provide world-class care in the Comox Valley, both in the new facility, and in the future role of St. Joseph’s, and for that we are very grateful.”

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