Cumberland Lodge

“I love this, right here, so wonderful!”
– Resident of Cumberland Lodge

Nestled on 3.82 acres in the Village of Cumberland is Cumberland Lodge. Step inside, and you’ll feel a welcoming, warm environment where the staff is focused on providing the best quality of life for residents. That includes attending to the residents’ physical needs, like serving up delicious and nutritious meals, which are enjoyed in the community of the entire ‘household’ and it includes attending to medical needs like seeing a doctor, taking medications and seeing to daily hygiene and grooming routines.

In addition to caring for residents’ physical needs, at Cumberland Lodge, great attention is paid to adding colour and joy to the residents’ life. Many people who move into the Lodge are invigorated by the social aspect of once again living in-community with others. They make friends. They take their meals in the company of others. They spend an afternoon playing a game, drinking tea and visiting. They watch the evening news together. With help from the staff and together with other residents, they plant and nurture a garden or decorate a Christmas tree. From time-to-time musicians from the community visit and perform. There’s life, laughter, and community.

Cumberland Lodge was built in the 1990s. It is owned and operated by Island Health.

To learn about our current fundraising for Cumberland Lodge, visit our Priorities page.