Cumberland Lodge

“I love this, right here, so wonderful!”
– Resident of Cumberland Lodge

Nestled on 3.82 acres in the Village of Cumberland, Cumberland Lodge is a long-term care facility that provides the highest standards of care to residents residing in all three of their units: Ambleside, Union, and the Beaufort Unit (Special Care Unit).

Cumberland Lodge takes pride in offering numerous recreational programs and activities for residents in order to meet emotional, physical, cognitive and social needs through crafting, hobbies, games, sports, cultural interests, religious interests, music, gardening, literature, drama, art, pets, and family involvement. Additionally, they create opportunities for outings where residents are able to take the wheelchair-accessible van to go out for meals, enjoy a shopping trip, attend community events, and more.

Currently, the Comox Valley Healthcare Foundation is raising funds for the Music Therapy Program at Cumberland Lodge to ensure the continuation of this important program. Music Therapy is extremely popular with the residents, their family, and care workers as it provides many benefits such as creating relaxation and reduced anxiety.

The Comox Valley Healthcare Foundation is also accepting donations to purchase a blanket warmer for Cumberland Lodge. Aside from providing warmth, comfort and a sense of joy, warm blankets have many other positive effects such as lowering anxiety, reducing shivering, and can lead to faster recovery time post-op.

For more information about the music therapy program, and the blanket warmer, visit “Long-Term Care Priorities” page here.

Notes: For more information about Cumberland Lodge, click here.