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Coming together to support healthcare is critical. At all times, but especially now. Donations to the Comox Valley Healthcare Foundation help ensure the best possible care, right here, close to home.

“The ability for our patients to receive treatments here, in our community, means the world to them. It means getting to go home to their own beds and familiar surroundings after every treatment. It means having the ones they love and care for around them for support. It means not having the burden of travel to Victoria when they feel unwell.”

Jenny Gallagher, RN, Cancer Care Clinic at the Comox Valley Hospital.

Currently, the Comox Valley Hospital is providing cancer care to over 250 patients through several therapy options including Oral or IV, chemotherapy, immunotherapy, targeted therapy, and hormonal therapy . That’s 250 loved ones who are able to be treated close to home.

When you choose to donate to cancer care through the Comox Valley Healthcare Foundation, you are supporting friends, family, colleagues, and neighbours by ensuring they receive the best possible care in their own community.

When you give… it changes everything!

Thank you for your interest in giving. If you would like more information, or to discuss areas to direct your donation, please contact the Foundation office at (250) 331-5957. We look forward to hearing from you!