Why Give

Dr. Jeff Zorn

How Your Giving… Changes Everything

Funds raised for our Foundation are received through grants, service clubs, 3rd party events and from generous members of our community. In the last five years over two million dollars was transferred from our Foundation to The Comox Valley Hospital, The Views at St. Joseph’s and other community healthcare initiatives.

Physical space upgrades, building expansions, innovative programs and new medical technology are just a few ways your donations help improve healthcare in the Comox Valley.

Through your donations, the Comox Valley Healthcare Foundation has provided funds for the vital equipment, services, and treatment options our community needs. Earlier this year the Urology Department, was the recipient of a new lithotripter, a high frequency ultrasonic probe that breaks down large kidney stones. Without this instrument, patients in the Comox Valley would have to go to Victoria to have this procedure.

When we invest donations in leading medical technology, we do more than purchase equipment. We invest in each other, in our community. Take, for example the purchase of the Green Light Laser for treatment of an enlarged prostate that can affect one out of every two men over the age of sixty. The purchase of the Green Light laser was possible through donations to the Foundation and is part of the care for about 250 men each year. Dr. Tinmouth, Urologist explains…

“We have been using the greenlight platform to treat benign prostate enlargement for a decade at this point. We have found the results to be very good with fewer complications than conventional treatment and diminished need for hospital stay. Moreover, with ten years’ experience, we have found the outcomes are long-lasting with a low need for retreatment.”