Pictured with the recipients is Dermot Kelly – Executive Director North Island Hospitals, Cathie Sturam – Site Director Comox Valley Hospital , Bill Anglin – Board Chair Comox Valley Health Care Foundation and Lynn Dashkewytch – Executive Director Comox Valley healthcare Foundation

Comox Valley Healthcare Foundation announced the winners of the 2018 Staff Scholarships at Comox Valley Hospital November 27th

In total $21,780 was awarded to 10 individuals that are pursuing continued education in specific fields of Healthcare. The winners were:

  • Erin Ellis – Cardiology Technology BCIT
  • Emma Payton – Social Work – Masters in healthcare leadership
  • Melanie Box – NIC Nursing program
  • Sarah Heighington – Maternal Child Care Department – perquisite for Masters in Leadership
  • Bianca Fanslau – Psychiatry – Psychiatry Nursing Degree
  • Genevieve Jochimski – Masters in Health Leadership
  • Jasmine Hart – Social Work – Aboriginal Perspective and Service Delivery
  • Annette Moulaison-Davis – Cross Site Manager – Masters in Health Leadership
  • Todd Young – Mental Health Education
  • Joanne Daviau – Ultrasound Education Obstetrics

Congratulations were extended to the staff for the exceptional care they provide and for all their hard work to continue education to better serve the patients in our community Hospital.