Meet Bill! He has been volunteering on the Foundation Board for 11 years and has lived in the Comox Valley for 28 years. Bill is a retired flight engineer after serving 25 years in the military and now a Re/Max realtor and a happy grandfather to grandsons Chase and Cole. He is currently President of the Board. We had the pleasure of asking him a few questions, some serious ones and some on the lighter side… here is what he had to say:

What motivates you to serve on the Board?
”I didn’t have much interaction with local healthcare earlier in my years in the Comox Valley because I was in the Airforce. Shortly after retiring though, I had a heart attack and received excellent care locally. I agreed to share my personal healthcare story with the Foundation which was my first introduction to how donors make a difference. Shortly after learning the great things donors were accomplishing through the Foundation, I submitted my name to become part of the organization as a board member.”

Why is local healthcare important to you?
“Sooner or later local healthcare will either impact you or someone you care about. Anything that we can do to enhance the care provided, is a great way to help our community.”

What do you appreciate about living in the Comox Valley?
“Having experienced many different areas in the country, I knew when I retired there were very few communities that would have as much to offer as our community. We’re so fortunate to have great amenities, outdoor recreation, amazing lifestyle choices and, indeed, great healthcare!”

What was your very first job?
“Picking cauliflower on a farm just outside of London Ontario. At age 17, I joined the Airforce.”

What dish are you most likely to make and bring to a potluck?
“If it is me making the dish, probably chili!”

What is your favourite treat?
“Big Turk Chocolate Bars!”

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