We all have fathers, brothers, sons and husbands – the treatment of prostate problems affects everyone’s lives.

Why a Greenlight Laser?

Some symptoms from enlargement of the Prostate can be treated with medication but when that fails, or if the patient suffers acute or chronic retention, surgery is necessary. New Green Light Laser Therapy is used in the treatment of Benign Prostatic Hyerplasia (BHP) – the enlargement of the prostate.

“Green Light Laser Therapy is the Gold Standard for treatment and is the only BPH treatment that can fully shift in-patients to out-patients as well offers other patient benefits.”

Dr. William Tinmouth

Urologist at St. Joseph’s Hospital

Patient Benefits

– It is a simple and very effective operation where the average stay is 6.75 hours. Traditional BPH surgical treatment (TURP) requires an average Hospital stay of 2-4 days. High risk patients can require more than 7 days.

– Safer treatment for high risk patients (patients on anticoagulant medication)

– Frees up operating room time and beds to improve wait times for other acute care patients

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