St. Joseph’s General Hospital Foundation For Today and Tomorrow

The St. Joseph’s Hospital Foundation feels the winds of change blowing over St. Joseph’s, but where those winds will take us is not clear at this time. What is clear and certain is that we will not allow our present focus to falter, as the Foundation remains committed to helping to improve patient care at St. Joseph’s, whether it is 4 years until the new acute care hospital opens it’s doors or 4 days. We remain dedicated to providing vital equipment, supporting staff with education, and ensuring that when you, your family, your friends or neighbours need care at St. Joe’s that it is the best it can be, with faster diagnoses, improved treatment and care, quicker recoveries and reduced waiting lists.

Last year the Foundation transferred just over $500,000.00 in equipment, renovations and staff scholarships. We could not do this important work without the support of our generous donors, event sponsors, service clubs, gifts of endowment, Legacy of Life, Caring Spirit donations and bequests. A sincere thank you to all supporters of the Foundation, together we are making a difference.

Please consider joining the Foundation this fall as a monthly donor. Your monthly donation can be as little as $5.00 per month, and will provide St. Joseph’s General Hospital Foundation with a sustainable funding source, and you with a charitable tax receipt, a chance to win 2 WestJet tickets and support in local healthcare for you,your family and friends Whether you have retired to the Comox Valley for your golden years,or have a job in Alberta and call the Valley home, if you are raising a young family, or planning for retirement, I ask you to imagine one single day in the beautiful Comox Valley with accident, illness or injury.

Please join us in our quest today. Make the St. Joseph’s General Hospital Foundation your charity of choice and together we will work to save lives, improve lives and begin lives here in the Comox Valley.

With Hope and Good Health
Patti Fletcher, St. Joseph’s General Hospital Foundation President