Ron Fortin is seen delivering a box of care packages on the back of his Spyder with CVHF’s Katie Maximick on July 17th.

For over three decades, Ron Fortin has donated truckloads upon truckloads of toys, teddies, colouring books and care packs for St. Joseph’s Hospital. Each month, our Foundation’s version of “Santa” drops by the CVHF office in the hospital lobby with bags of stuffed animals or boxes of patient care items.

This July Fortin dropped off two large boxes of care packs for the hospital which he carried on the back of his Can-Am Spyder. These care packs contain essential toiletries for men and women, like toothpaste, shaving cream, and deodorant, and most often go to patients in the Emergency and Psychiatry departments.

When asked about what drives his continuous generosity to our hospital, Ron replied:

“Knowing that I can do it, and I like doing it. Sometimes I’ll go into a restaurant and buy someone’s supper, and they’ll ask why I do it – I say, ‘Because I can.’”

“That’s it. Because I can. And it would be nice if other people could say, ‘Because I can.’”

Fortin will continue to make his generous donations to the new hospital after it opens this October.

Thank you Ron, for making thousands of Comox Valley patients feel more at home in our hospitals each and every year!