Bob Diamond

In December 2015, after years of reduced physical activity, increasing pain, trying alternative treatments including injections, (and no golf!), Bob Diamond–with the help of his wife Linda–made the decision to undergo surgery to replace his osteo-arthritic knees.

When Bob met with his orthopedic surgeon in August 2016, he could not walk a step without pain and was put on the waiting list for surgery. Bob’s first knee replacement was done July 2017 at St Joseph’s and the second knee was recently replaced (February 2018) at the new North Island Hospital-Comox Valley Campus.

Through this demanding process, Bob has come to appreciate the skills of all who helped along the way… the expertise, creativity and compassion of the hospital staff who helped him learn how to use his new knees; how to bend his legs again, a few degrees at a time.

“We are so fortunate to have such an incredibly professional supportive team giving exceptional care in our hospital right here in our community.” — Bob Diamond

This year, the new Rehabilitation Department where Bob accessed post-operative care, is in need of funds for specialized equipment. Providing pre and post-op education, assessment and follow-ups for all major surgeries, the department has seen over 384 patients in 2018. And the demand is expected to grow with the opening of a fourth operating room.

The post-op experience is very intense. New technology and specialized equipment is vital to the work done by physical and occupational therapists to assist patients in recovery and transitioning back into life at home. More equipment means patients will have quicker access to facilities and be able to return sooner to their lives and the activities they enjoy.

Some of the equipment needed include:

  • Exerciser Knee Patient Kits to support patients’ mobility after surgery
  • Upright/Recumbent Bike with Dumbell Rack
  • Treadmill

Help Support Rehab at the North Island Hospital Comox Valley