After four much-needed surgeries, plenty of help throughout the rehabilitation process and sticking to his weight loss plan, David Craven is down to a size 36 waist and feeling like a new man.

David Craven struggled with chronic pain for years and admits he was using pain killers and alcohol to cope, while the quality of his life continued to decline. In 2003 he had his first hip replacement surgery, but he also received the news that he was diabetic. “Dr. Wayne Crowe, my family doctor, had been suggesting for years that I needed to lose weight, and although I thought I was a responsible person, I didn’t do anything about it,” said David.

“But when I saw Dr. Tom Woods prior to my knee replacement surgeries he told me how important it was for me to lose the weight. And when I realized that I had such a wonderful and committed team of healthcare professionals working for me both at St. Joseph’s and at the new hospital who truly cared about my health, how could I not take their advice to heart.” Since that conversation in 2017, David started taking better care of his health. He stopped drinking alcohol and adjusted his diet to include lots of water, vegetables and lean protein. David lost 85 lbs and dropped from a size 54 to a size 36!

He then had his left knee replaced in August 2017, his right knee in January 2018, and his second hip this past July, and because he had lost all the weight and improved his general health he explained, as he choked back tears, “I am off insulin, have normal blood sugar levels and I no longer drink or need painkillers.”

“We are all so fortunate to have the exceptional health care we do in our own community; they work so hard to help us, but we also have to be responsible for our own health. I work as a carpenter for the City. I love time with my family, and as a hobby I work on and collect cars. Before I lost the weight I couldn’t even fit inside my cars. With each surgery I had so much relief from pain, and losing all that weight helped immensely with my rehabilitation.”

“Everyone at the new hospital who worked with me are so encouraging, and they know me by name,” he says. “I was even Dr. Crowe’s prize patient and got to do the “Walk with the Doc!”

This year the new rehabilitation department where David accessed post-operative care is in need of funds for specialized equipment. The demand for rehab services continues to grow, particularly with the opening of a 4th operating room in our hospital. Patients like David know that the post-operative experience is intense but vital to recovery, and that more equipment in the hands of our dedicated health care providers means more folks will have access to care close to home and will be able to return to their lives and the activities they enjoy.

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