The Maternal Child Unit at the Comox Valley Hospital is seeking urgent support to replace their broken ultrasound system.

With over 500 babies delivered here annually, and dozens more that visit the unit monthly to assess a baby’s breech status, fetal heart health or twin positioning, the ultrasound is undeniably a critical tool.

Aleisha Hyde, Maternal Child Interim Clinical Coordinator, shares: “Obstetric emergencies are incredibly stressful for families. As a healthcare team, we want to ensure access to equipment as quickly as possible to support excellent care.”

Expecting families experiencing complications with child birth rely on their care provider to
have access to the ultrasound to aid in assessing the situation and determining required
intervention immediately.

With the current machine broken, obstetricians, physicians and front line staff must leave the
unit to borrow an ultrasound from the Operating Room.

“A new machine would be an incredible asset to the hospital and community, helping to
ensure the best possible outcome for women and their infants,” emphasizes Hyde.

Donations toward this equipment serve Comox Valley families during the precious moments
when they welcome their littlest loved ones into the world.

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