As many as one in five women will experience symptoms of post-partum depression and if unsupported, can pose a risk to the health and safety of mom and baby.

During #MentalHealthWeek we want to highlight a program supported by Foundation donors that addresses the vulnerable post-partum period.

The Postpartum Mental Health Support Program facilitated through Island Health’s Public Health team offers a virtual support group for postpartum clients in the North Island region who suffer from difficult postpartum adjustments and are unable to access other support groups.

The program provides a low barrier, free, and facilitated support service that provides a safe place for women to connect with other women in a similar situation and receive valuable information and emotional support. This helps to break the isolation that many new mothers experience.

The group support is often a turning point and beginning of the healing process through this difficult time. It also provides an important service to women who are geographically unable to meet with others regularly. Through a virtual support group, mothers may access timely support in their communities and homes rather than travel or experience intermittent consultation.

Referrals to the program can be made through Public Health, Family Physicians, Midwives, or self referral such that if anyone feels that they could benefit from the support, they would be welcome.