It is a true privilege and with immense gratitude that we share with you the beautiful story of Hans and Helga.

Hans and Helga met and fell in love 17 years ago. Over these years, they enjoyed an adventurous lifestyle of sailing, diving, cruising and exploring the world together. In 2022, they decided to move to the Comox Valley to be closer to their family, excited to create wonderful memories in their new home at Oceanfront Village.

Shortly after relocating to the Comox Valley, Hans was faced with health challenges. Helga witnessed firsthand the exceptional healthcare provided at the Comox Valley Hospital (CVH). The remarkable care and compassion began the moment Hans arrived at the CVH Emergency Department and continued throughout his multiple weeks on the third floor of the hospital. Positive interactions with the entire medical team helped Hans and Helga feel connected and well-supported in their new community.

Hans and Helga, who originally planned to leave their estate to charities in their former community, were inspired by the care they received at CVH. They decided to support healthcare in their new community, in recognition of its impact on Hans’ life. Having the opportunity to support leading edge and innovative healthcare similar to what Hans received was something they were both eager to do.

Sadly, Hans’ health took a turn, and on August 30th, 2023, he passed away peacefully. In honour of their discussions and intent, Helga reached out to the Comox Valley Healthcare Foundation.

Learning of the immediate needs of the Medical Imaging Department at the Comox Valley Hospital, Helga was inspired to direct a gift this way. She had seen the importance of this equipment throughout Hans’ care
having visited the department many times. It felt like the perfect way to help and to honour Hans.

Helga chose to make a transformative gift towards Medical Imaging, honouring Hans and starting their legacy of support through the Comox Valley Healthcare Foundation.