Emterra Environmental, through its innovative ‘Make Your Contribution at the Curb™’ program, has redefined philanthropy by intertwining environmental sustainability with tangible support for community healthcare services. For over 15 years, this initiative has stood as a testament to Emterra’s dedication to both environmental stewardship and community welfare.

The launch of this initiative many years ago was health-related and personal – it was driven by an Emterra employee’s desire to give back and make a difference after being diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma and enduring many months of chemotherapy treatment. Emterra approached Courtenay and Comox councils to start the curbside recycling program in the Comox Valley, which evolved into the blue box program and then to the expanded residential curbside collection system we use currently. Emterra Environmental saw an opportunity to give back to the Comox Valley through recycling and directed their support to healthcare. With each tonne of recyclables deposited in blue bins, Emterra Environmental donates $1, a significant step towards a healthier planet while simultaneously bolstering local healthcare initiatives.

“The contribution made over the years by Comox Valley residents to the ‘Make Your Contribution at the Curb™’ program has been tremendous, and the growth has been fantastic,” said Dave Ross, Emterra Environmental’s North Island Operations Manager. “It’s an opportunity for people to make a big difference by simply recycling. Emterra Environmental has a proud track record of transforming waste to valuable resources. But this program is about so much more. In addition to helping the environment, it is also about giving back to help our families, friends and loved ones when they need it most and ensure they continue to have access to great local healthcare,” Ross added.

In 2018, Emterra’s contribution facilitated the establishment of a crucial fourth operating room at the Comox Valley Hospital. Now six years later with the population of the Comox Valley continuing to grow, the hospital needs an additional operating room and Emterra Environmental has stepped forward to reaffirm its commitment to enhancing healthcare accessibility and quality. Their latest donation of $1,894 not only signifies a continued investment in community well-being but also propels Emterra’s cumulative contributions to an impressive $32,500, solidifying its status as a champion-level supporter of the Healthcare Foundation.

“As the population increases in the Comox Valley, so do the number of required surgeries. With nearly 8,000 surgeries performed annually at the Comox Valley Hospital, maintaining the highest standards, and ensuring our surgical teams are equipped with the most up-to-date tools means our loved ones receive the best possible care,” shared Amanda Jacoby, Comox Valley Hospital Site Director. “On behalf of Island Health and the entire team at the hospital, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Emterra for their continuous philanthropy and support of healthcare.”

Emterra’s legacy to the Comox Valley resonates through the diversion of over 61,000 tonnes of recyclables from landfills and through their healthcare advocacy. To celebrate this milestone, Emterra Environmental, the Comox Valley Healthcare Foundation, and participating municipal representatives came together in their shared commitment to healthier communities and to partnerships that create positive change.

Photo from L-R: Doug Hillian Councillor City of Courtenay, Amanda Jacoby Site Director Comox Valley Hospital, Rhonda Stevens Co-Executive Director Comox Valley Healthcare Foundation (CVHF), Dave Ross Emterra Group’s North Island Operations Manager, Nicole Minions Mayor of Town of Comox, Avry Janes Co-Executive Director CVHF, and Bill Anglin Board President CVHF.