Earlier this year, the Clinical Coordinator of Surgical Services at the Comox Valley Hospital experienced a special intersection of her personal and professional life when her mother-in-law underwent a total knee replacement after many months of pain that was so severe it impacted her mobility, sleep, and mental health.

When we spoke to Sheila Petersen about this, she talked about how proud she was to work in such a place of excellence and expressed confidence in knowing her loved one, Janice, was so well cared for. She also shared gratitude on behalf of her large extended family who have lived in the area for over 25 years – all of them so grateful to see Janice’s joy returning and her ability to keep up with her 12 grandchildren coming back.

As Sheila emphasizes, what surgical patients face is a big deal. Sheila and her colleagues in Surgical Services understand the sacred nature of their work and have the highest level of expectation for their co-workers, the equipment used, and the facilities they operate within.

Our community has the opportunity to ensure the fifth operating room at the Comox Valley is equipped with prioritized surgical tools and specialized cleaning devices to support the over 8,000 surgeries that take place annually. Thanks to Peninsula Co-op donations up to $10,000 will be doubled! Click here for more information.