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St. Joseph’s Hospital Foundation is now Comox Valley Healthcare Foundation. Our Foundation decided to change its name to reflect that we will now provide funding support for both St. Joseph’s in its future role in Residential and Hospice Care, as well as the new Comox Valley Hospital.

Changing our name was not an easy decision, especially since St. Joseph’s Hospital Foundation has been providing funding to our community hospital since 1993, but like Prince Philip of England once said,

“Change does not change tradition – it strengthens it.”

With the opening of the new Comox Valley Hospital in fall of 2017 and St. Joseph’s future role in Residential and Hospice Care, St. Joseph’s Hospital Foundation wanted to change its name to something that represents the diversity of healthcare facilities it will be supporting in the community.

After much discussion and consultation, the Foundation’s Board of Directors approved the new name Comox Valley Healthcare Foundation.

Our new logo represents two areas of care that are close to us – the heart represents love, care and compassion, while the leaf symbolizes growth, rebirth and the historical importance of forests to the Comox Valley. Forests are also the theme of the new Comox Valley Hospital. 

Please join our Foundation as we set off on this journey under a new name, but on the same path we’ve always travelled – to improve Comox Valley healthcare for all of us, from first breath to end of life.