Yesterday was a very special day here at the hospital. Not only was it the launch of Tim Hortons Smile Cookie Week where 100% of proceeds from each smile cookie benefits healthcare in the Comox Valley, it was also delivery day for 900 cookies!

A local individual wanted to say thank you to hospital staff in a very sweet way and we were thrilled to make it happen. She insisted that the entire hospital be treated to cookies and to ensure all departments felt appreciated as it was the collective efforts of everyone that made her care so exceptional. What a bonus that her gift to hospital staff was also a fundraising initiative!

Coordination of this patient’s giving happened while she was receiving care, while she was working through her healthcare challenges, and that makes this story even more heartfelt… today our thanks to her and our best wishes for a speedy recovery.

A shout-out to Tim Hortons staff who arrived in the wee hours of Monday morning to decorate this large order of smile cookies! Thank you!

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