One More Gift…

This Christmas and holiday season, we are asking you to add one more gift to your list… a donation to the Comox Valley Healthcare Foundation.

Help us raise a total of $450,000 to support healthcare in the Comox Valley. Please give generously and help with our two current priorities:

1)  a facility makeover and equipment upgrades, to benefit care for seniors, and
2)  state-of-the-art equipment and enhancements to improve surgical outcomes and reduce wait times.

Your gift will help ensure seniors in our community, like Len Doi continue to receive the quality healthcare they need, close to home.

Len’s Story

Len Doi and his wife Ali have truly lived life to the fullest, but in recent years Len who is now in his 80’s, has been struggling; first with laryngeal cancer, and now NPH (normal pressure hydrocephalus – which means his cerebrospinal fluid does not circulate properly). For Len this has caused mild dementia and mobility issues, an ongoing battle with pneumonia, and the need for a feeding tube for the past year and a half. Eventually it was decided that he needed the support of a long-term, complex care facility, and through the generous gifts of donors like you, Len was able to move into a new transitional bed on the Mountainview unit of The Views at St. Joseph’s in Comox.

“We are grateful for the partnership with CVHF, and the generosity of donors… this has made a huge impact on our community by adding much-needed respite space, and by relieving some capacity concerns at the Comox Valley Hospital. Our community is better off with this support. Thank you!” — Michael Aikins, Senior Operations Leader, The Views at St. Joseph’s

Facility makeover and equipment upgrades at The Views

Comox Valley Healthcare Foundation is committing $250,000 to support practical and exciting enhancements at The Views at St. Joseph’s, including…

To replace obsolete equipment and ensure residents and staff can remain safe during transfers in and out of bed. Asking for $28,000 for 15 ceiling lifts.

Oceanview space improvements to create improved dining and restorative care, by providing a more home-like setting for residents during mealtimes; as well as allow rehab staff to work more efficiently on group and individual programs promoting the optimal independence of residents. $75,000 approximately.

Therapeutic spa makeover at Mountainview, to enhance the space where the therapeutic tub (purchased through donations to the Foundation) is located. Including: improving ventilation, increasing storage, and enhancing the décor. $20,000 approximately.

Mountainview doesn’t have direct outdoor space, so creating a patio outside the front doors of the hospital will enhance the impression that you are entering a home, rather than an institution. Residents and their visitors can feel like they are sitting out on the front porch. Asking for $40,0000.

New dining tables that can be adjusted and customized to individual residents’ needs. Will allow residents to share their dining experience with their preferred co-residents, as opposed to those with similar heights! Asking for $30,000.

Creation of a visitor hotel space in four rooms of the vacant acute care building. This will allow guests from out of town to be able to stay close to their loved ones; making it easier and more affordable for families to spend time together, and to encourage these visits and keep family connections thriving. Asking $40,000.

These enhancements, along with equipment to maintain resident and staff safety, adjustable dining tables, and a therapeutic spa update, will help continue The Views longstanding tradition of providing the very best in quality care for residents.

Acute Care

Dr. Jeff Zorn

Through your donations, the Comox Valley Healthcare Foundation has provided funds for the vital equipment, services, and treatment options our community needs. Earlier this year the Urology Department, was the recipient of a new lithotripter, a high frequency ultrasonic probe that breaks down large kidney stones. Without this instrument, patients in the Comox Valley would have to go to Victoria to have this procedure.

“I am grateful to the Healthcare Foundation for helping us every way they can. We are fortunate to have them, along with the generosity of their donors, supporting the work we do to help make the lives better for all of those in our community.” — Dr. Will Tinmouth, Urologist

We are truly grateful for the exceptional care provided by the entire CVH staff, and surgeons like Dr. Tinmouth, Dr. Aaron Clark, and Dr. Jeff Zorn of our Urology Department. But we need you… please help us acquire the state-of-the-art equipment and enhancements required to improve surgical outcomes and reduce wait times.

Equipment Needs

In order to meet these needs, the Comox Valley Healthcare Foundation is committing $200,000 to purchase equipment and technology to give residents in the Comox Valley the very best in care, including:

Hysteroscopes – a thin, lighted tube used for examining the cervix and uterus for diagnosis and to assist in surgery. Currently using scopes that are on loan, the hospital is seeking to purchase four of these much-needed instruments. $36,624.88

Cataract Surgery Setss – Typically 60 cataract surgeries are performed at Comox Valley Hospital each week. The sets (containing specialized instruments for delicate ophthalmic surgery) need to be cleaned and turned around quickly between surgeries, so if anything in a set needs to go out for repair it causes significant delays. Asking for $15,576.78 for two additional sets

LigaSure™ is the industry standard for vessel sealing in both laparoscopic and open procedures across a range of surgical specialties. The hospital currently has only three to serve the four operating rooms, and are seeking $6,875.67 for one more.

Rigid Cystoscopess – are used for the hundreds of closed urology procedures done at the hospital each year. Due to high demand these too must be turned around quickly, especially when the hospital is running two urology ORs and the scopes are needed in Emergency at the same time. Asking for more 2 sets: $13,714.02

Microlaryngoscopy Instrument Sets – is used for ENT surgery to investigate and remove vocal lesions such as cancer, cysts, granulomas, nodules, papilloma, and polyps. We currently have only one set and it is in high demand. Asking for one additional set: $29,033.00

Please Give Generously
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